399 Aim Multichron Stopwatch
399 AIM Multichron399 Aim Multichron

AIM Multichron Stopwatch

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Multichron is a palm sized stopwatch with the ability to time 4 competitors simultaniously for up to 99 laps each and the ability to do 9 splits per competitor per lap.


  • Laptimes for up to 4 simultaneous competitors.
  • Big 99 lap memory per competitor.
  • Up to 9 splits per lap per competitor.
  • Data recall.
  • Best laptime with the press of a button.
  • Average lap and test speed (mph or kmh).
  • Countdown timer with 5 second warning.
  • Audible alarm clock.
  • IRDA compliant infrared download to PC.
  • Flexible configuration, use it how you want.
  • Start all clocks at once or individually.
  • Yellow case, size 59x114x18 mm.
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SKU: 399

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